​Valet tomb sweeping

The company provides valet tomb sweeping services, offering worship services to ancestors and cleaning the cemetery for those who cannot be there or who have emigrated.

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Valet tomb sweeping service process

Select the desired plan from the "Valet Sweeping Grave" page

  • Guests can decide on a suitable service plan based on factors such as the ancestor’s religious beliefs, past preferences, and relationship with the ancestors

  • If guests have special requirements (such as purchasing additional offerings), they can also contact us

  • Guests should carefully choose different options for niches and cemeteries

  • If you want the ancestor’s tomb to be regularly cleaned and maintained and worship service, you can also get a quote through "request for reservation"

Pick the specified service date and time

  • After clicking "Book Now", guests can choose the service date and time in their minds according to some special days (such as the ancestors' taboos and deaths) or auspicious days

  • Please book at least 3 days in advance to ensure that we can prepare for the service you need

Fill in personal information and ancestor's information

  • Please check the information carefully to ensure that the name and detailed location of the ancestor are correct

  • If you have any special matters, please describe in detail in the remarks column

Online payment

  • After clicking "Pay Now", enter the payment page and enter your credit card information for payment

  • If you need to pay by other methods, please contact us

Confirm Order

  • After successful payment, guests will receive an order confirmation notification via email

Follow up the order

  • If the information filled in by the guest is unclear, we will contact you via WhatsApp for further information verification

Decorative Objects

Sacrifice Day

  • Before the sacrifice, we will take photos of the prepared items (such as clothes and flowers with the names of the ancestors written on them).
    And send it to guests for review in advance via WhatsApp

  • After the sacrifice, we will send to the guests before 5 o'clock on the same day, together with photos of before and after cleaning and the process of burning clothes.

  • The official receipt will be sent via email within 3 working days after the sacrifice

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