Customize exclusive offerings

The paper tie offerings on the market are too simplistic,

Guests can order paper offerings through customized services.

The product specified from the "Customized Sacrifice" page

  • Guests must choose EMAIL/WHATSAPP/SIGNAL to contact

  • Please book at least 20 days in advance to ensure that we can prepare for the service you need


​Fill in personal information

  • After clicking "Buy Now", the guest must provide a name, contact number, and email

  • If you have any special matters, please describe in detail in the remarks column

Online payment

  • After clicking "Pay Now", enter the payment page and enter your credit card information for payment

  • If you need to pay by other methods, please contact us

Confirm Order

  • After successful payment, the guest will receive an order confirmation notification via email.

  • Please send us the reference materials of the offerings by email/SIGNAL/WHATSAPP, please indicate the name of the orderer or the order number.

Follow up the order

  • The staff will proactively contact customers for information about customized offerings and provide offerings quotations

  • Guests must complete the final transaction within three days

  • If the information filled in by the guest is unclear, we will contact you via WhatsApp for further information verification


Pick up

  • When the product is completed, we will send a short message or email to notify the customer.

  • Customers can choose logistics company for delivery.

  • The official receipt will be sent via email within 3 working days after pick up.

  • Customers will receive the products in about one to two days.


​Customize exclusive offerings

If you need to make a quotation, please take a moment to fill in the following information.

The phone number provided by the customer must be registered with Whatsapp/Signal.

So that we can contact you

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